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News Archive

Viewing news posted in October 2006

Friday, October 27th, 2006

PC Action Cover Story

Posted at 16:20 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 0
Posted Image
Alan Wake has made yet another magazine's cover story. This time on German publication PC Action. Currently we don't have a copy of the article, let us know if you can get it and translate it for us though!

UPDATE: Jarek over at got hold of a copy of the magazine and did a quick translation of some of the main points, however there wasn't much in the way of new information, only a couple of recaps on what we already know:
  • The article says that Remedy might be planning on creating a level editor for the fan community. (Mika from Remedy has said this isn't confirmed but is something they'd like to do)
  • Alan's girlfriend 'Alice' may play an integral role in the story
  • The game is episodical, rather like a TV series.
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Alan Wake Featured in Computer Gaming World

Posted at 13:11 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 1
Posted ImageThe latest issue of Computer Gaming World features Alan Wake as their main cover story, and has a massive article on the game. Thankfully, logic over at the Alan Wake Forums has typed the entire thing up.
The article clears up a few facts, and has a few extra notes with it. The article also features a nice Q & A with Petri and Sam from Remedy.

Link: Full Story (typed by logic)
Friday, October 6th, 2006

Alan Wake in Pelit Magazine

Posted at 19:23 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 2
Posted ImageAlan Wake is the cover story of Finnish gaming magazine Pelit. There is loads of new info in the article, which is written in Finnish of course. Luckily, Yki on the Alan Wake forums has kindly translated the whole thing into English for everyone to read.

As it's such a long article, please click here to read the translation by Yki as it's too big to post on the front page of the website. As I said it's a long read, but it's pretty interesting too. Let us know your thoughts when you've finished reading.
Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Previews at Eurogamer and TeamXbox

Posted at 14:52 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 0
Two more previews have gone up today, in addition to some others earlier in the week which we didn't post about as none of them had any new information. All of them based on what they saw at X06.

Last week 1UP posted their preview, they comment on what they saw which seemed to be the same demo seen at IDF 06. It's also mentioned that you can play as multiple characters in the game.

Today saw more previews popping up, firstly at TeamXbox, they describe some cutscenes they got to see early on in the game. Unfortunately there's no new info though.

Later on EuroGamer posted their take on the 20 minute presentation shown at X06. It's very detailed and describes the game right from the opening scene, so it's quite an interesting read, I recommend you head over there and check it out.

On a closing note, IGN have picked their top 5 games shown at X06. Alan Wake made it to number 5! You can read all about that here.

Thanks to __Maximus__ for the EuroGamer link.