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News Archive

Viewing news posted in November 2006

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

C&VG Preview and 4 New Screens

Posted at 15:40 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 0 have a brand new preview up on their site, as with other previews, a lot of the stuff we already know, though I picked out this quote for you:

Alan Wake is looking fantastic, but the new presentation has raised even more questions about gameplay, such as the weapons you'll have access to. "Wake knows how to use a gun, as he used to work as a nightwatchman, among other things, before he became a famous writer. However, when it comes to guns, he's definitely no Max Payne," answers Lake. "Resources are definitely limited, which is one of the ways we can build suspense. Bright Falls is famous for its annual Deerfest, so there are a few hunting rifles around, but you won't be tripping over ammo boxes. Although there is that army base outside the town..."

Also, what about the horror aspect: will there be full-on blood and gore in Alan Wake? "We're not making a horror game, we're making a thriller, and as such, suspense and anticipation are vital ingredients in creating the mood and the atmosphere in the game," continues Lake. "There will be horrific and surreal sights - the game contains wild, hallucinatory dream sequences, for example - but we feel confident that you can make them without resorting to gore. In fact, we feel that you can make the game more suspenseorientated and scary without that."

C&VG were good enough to include 4 new digital screenshots with their article, which makes a change from all the poor quality scans and photographs we've seen as of late.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Links: C&VG Preview | Screenshots Gallery
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

PCPowerplay Article

Posted at 14:56 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 0
Another Australian magazine PCPowerplay has an article in it about Alan Wake today, they talk to Petri Järvilehto and Sam Lake about the game.

Thanks to BrightFalls for the news and transcription [currently unavailable]. We'll bring you the info once we have it available, meanwhile, if you live in Australia you can get hold of the magazine from all good newsagencies, it's a good read so well worth the small cost.

Alan Wake in Hyper Magazine

Posted at 14:52 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 1
Australian publication Hyper Magazine have an article on Alan Wake. The editors give their impressions of the game they saw at X06 earlier this year.

Thanks to for the news and Marcus for the transcription, which you can read here.
Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

PCJeux Cover Story

Posted at 16:45 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 1
Alan Wake scores another cover story in Europe, this time on French magazine PC Jeux. The 6-page article is all in French, but Corwin over at has kindly translated the whole thing for us, as well as taking photographs of the magazine.

You can read Corwin's translation by clicking here.

PCAction and GameReactor Video Interviews

Posted at 16:40 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 0
Remedy’s Lasse Seppänen has been busy with a couple of video interviews recently, one of which was featured on the accompanying DVD to the PCAction magazine we reported on last week, and the other, is on Scandinavian gaming website GameReactor.

The interview from PCAction is in English, however since the mag is German there is a German voiceover, meaning you can't really hear what Lasse is saying. Luckily, Jarek on has provided the video and a full translation, though the interviews are talking about exactly the same thing, so you can simply watch the one below at Gamereactor for all the info.

Lasse's interview with Gamereactor can be found on their website by clicking here. This one is all in English.