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Alan Wake
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News Archive

Viewing news posted in May 2009

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Alan Wake still going strong

Posted at 14:56 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 0
It's been a while since there's been anything substantial to post about Alan Wake (I swear we start every news post with this sentence now!), but it appears development on the game is still going strong. Remedy has announced its partnership with Imagination Studios to enhance the title's animation properties, according to an article on DevelopMag.

Imagination Studios (formerly known as Northern Light Studios) has supplied Remedy with "motion-capture and animations" to assist in the game's production. Lasse Seppänen, Executive Producer at Remedy Entertainment said that "it is with great pleasure that we can recommend Imagination Studios. Remedy has been extremely pleased with their co-operation and devotion in bringing the characters of Alan Wake to life."

So if any of were still doubting the game ever getting released, this is a good reason to reconsider that thought.

Slightly off-topic now but I'd just like to plug a new addition to our network, a brand new Max Payne fansite we recently launched after the announcement of Max Payne 3, PayneKillers. I realise a lot of you reading this are fans of the first two games, so hopefully this is something you might be interested in. As well as being a complete resource for the first two games, PayneKillers will now provide up to date coverage of Max Payne 3, and should be one of the premier resources for everything to do with the series. So go ahead and check it out, and don't forget to stop by the forums.