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Alan Wake
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News Archive

Viewing news posted in July 2006

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

Alan Wake - A Bad Name?

Posted at 14:21 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 6
Some of the staff over at IGN have been discussing how important the name of a game is, relative to its success.

The question they were answering was "How important is the name of a game?" And in the first paragraph Alan Wake is the first to be criticised.

How important is the name of a game? Take Alan Wake for example, that's a terrible name for both a character and a game. Do you think it'll make a difference to sales?

In contrast, would any of us have played Crusty Demons if were called Freestyle Moto-X? Pimp hits or not, I wouldn't have looked at it twice. Just how much affect on a games success do titles have? Will any game title ever surpass the brilliance of Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja?

So it's a terrible name for a game AND character? Perhaps. Of course everyone has their own opinion, and if you read all of IGN's article you will understand what they're saying.

**NOTE:** It's a very interesting read, however, you need to be an IGN insider to read the whole story. If you aren't then consider signing up, it's less than a year anyway, and you get various other benefits alongside being able to read Insider only articles...

And on a sidenote, IGN currently have a date for the Xbox 360 release, they are saying US: January 2007; Europe: September 29, 2006; And the PC version still has no date. Keep in mind there hasn't been any official announcement on this as of yet.
Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Some Alan Wake Gameplay Details

Posted at 11:53 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 0
arne360, an Xbox Community Rep, has posted on his blog some details of the gameplay he recently got to see while viewing development demos by Microsoft Game Studios. The gameplay he saw was from the PC version, though we can expect exactly the same stuff from the Xbox 360.

Apart from the usual (business) things that went on during the meeting for Alan Wake, we were treated to watching the trailer again and a couple of gameplay demos. One of the Microsoft Game Studios playtesters brought in a PC (since it is also being developed for Windows) with a couple of development demos and test scenarios pre-loaded on it. The two demos he loaded up was one that was set up to test the vehicles in the game -- several vehicles were loaded on an empty lot and there was a long winding road with checkpoints that led off from the lot. The playtester jumped Alan into one of the vehicles and started driving around so we could check out the physics and environment. The other demo was one to test the lighting. The setting that loaded was Alan in a lot surrounded by a couple of buildings and cars. The playtester could manipulate the light so it was day or night or specific times during the day or night so that the appropriate shadows would be cast. On top of that you could also turn on and walk around with a flashlight and see how that lighted the environment. All in all, the game looked incredibly impressive to me even at this stage in the development. Watching these demos in person did one thing for certain, I'm definitely looking forward to working more on Alan Wake from now until it is released.

LINK: arne360's blog