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News Archive

Viewing news posted in August 2008

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Remedy's Mika Reini gives a small update

Posted at 18:20 GMT by Chris :: Comments: 0
It's been such a long time since anyone outside of Remedy has seen or even heard anything about Alan Wake's development, that many people were starting to write the game off, some even going so far as to say Remedy no longer existed!

Remedy's CFO Mika Reini has put an end to all the rumours though, with a post on the official forums giving us a small update on why we haven't been hearing anything new:

Dear people,

We feel we owe you all a small heads up, and our apologies for lack of updates. This is just part of our psychological thriller, is it all real or imagined...
Seriously, yes, we're still here and working hard on getting Alan Wake for you to enjoy. Sure, we've been in development for a long time and if everything had gone perfectly smoothly there probably would be a game out for you guys to play already. But designing a completely new game can be hard, and sometimes you need to take a detour to find the best route forward.

We want to entertain you guys in the best possible way and our team is putting in every effort possible in order for that to happen. That is the way Remedy wants to do things. I'm sure you will enjoy Alan Wake when we're done.

Just follow the light...

Link: A small update